For Monday Aug. 5

For our last class, we will have presentations of everyone’s work. You all have done amazing work in a very short time. Organize your PDF so that it gives the best impression of your work. The class will asses your presentation on the points listed below*

You will present your work on the PDF that you made and burned onto a CD.

It is important that your CD works when loaded onto the school’s computer. Do not burn it using a Windows machine.  (Please bring an extra CD and all your files in case there are any problems.)

*presentation points:

  • the layout & flow of the presentation, i.e. how one thing leads to the next
  • quality of images
  • splash/cover page design
  • manner of presentation
  • strength of each piece


Bring some coffee &/or pastries!


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For Friday August 2

We will start wrapping up our summer ‘semester’!
We will meet in the morning in room 425 in Arnold Hall.
List of things to bring to class:

1- CD
2- ALL files – Poster, Book, Branding
3- Photos of your Book, Branding objects: shopping bag, brochure, etc

Your shopping bag & brochure should be finished and handed in.
The last project (your choice) should be started and mocked up. We can work on it in the morning.

We will make a CD of all your projects. You will make a cover with your name and logo for yourself.

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For Wednesday July 31

1- Work on your Brochures and do another mockup. We will review them at the beginning of class and then make final edits during the Lab.

2- Complete your shopping bags and take photos of them.

3- Make sketches of your next addition to the Branding project. It could be signage, a hangtag or a package for your product.  We will start them in class on Wednesday and finish them on Friday.

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For Monday July 29

We will be in the studio on Monday, as usual.
This means you can use the studio to assemble your final Shoppings Bags & Brochures. We will have a critique where you will present your Shopping Bag along with your Brochure. The critique will start between 11 and  11:30.

You must bring all printouts to class at 9am – you cannot go out to print them after class starts.

Here is what’s due:Printed mockup (comp) of your Brochure.
Revised final Shopping Bag.

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For Friday July 25

We will make beautiful shoppings bags! You will make at least 2 versions. There are several approaches to making your bag:

1- Download the shopping bag template and apply your logo and any other appropriate design. Then print it out and put together.


2- Print your logos onto paper or sticky labels and apply to an existing shopping bag.

Bring all materials to class and assemble the bags in the studio.
We will start on an Event Invitation. Print out the Brochure Design Brief andbe prepared to sketch your ideas in class. We will work on them in the afternoon computer lab. Bring all files on a drive.

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For Wednesday July 24

Thanks for your beautiful books! We are now onto the Branding project and your Moodboards were useful for establishing your look & feel. Now we need to pin down the logo.

1- Have 3 logo sketches developed for class. Start working on them in Illustrator.  Bring your jump/flash drive and all files (ones you used for the Mood Board, etc) to class.

2- Do the “Logo Tutorial” under “Logos” on the links at right. Do this in Illustrator and hand in the printout.


We will finalize a logo working in Illustrator on Wednesday.  We will also look at putting the logo on a shopping bag using Photoshop.

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For Monday July 23

Your fabulous books are due! Please take photos of them (for your records) before handing in on Monday.
We will start on our Final Project – Graphic Identity/Branding
1- Print out the Branding Project Brief and read it to figure out what you will do. Fill out the questionaire on the back and hand it in.

2- We will create a Mood  Board in class. Read Branding Syllabus Components and bring printouts of images, typefaces, inspiration, color swatches and a logo idea for your Mood Board. We will also develop your  logo, so bring a sketchbook & pencils.


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